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Specialty Coffee Beans: Ideal Source Of Peace For Billions

We are living in a world where coffee has become the beverage that makes many get in touch with their innate potential. It has become a norm for billions to accompany their morning or evening meal with a cup of euphoria made from the finest delights. Arabica coffee beans are selling faster than ever, thanks to the eCommerce boom, and social media trends.

More and more people are now switching to buying whole bean coffee online than using instant sachets. This is also because the pandemic has made many aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system. Mass-produced coffee does not provide the value that freshly roasted coffee beans have on offer. Do you know that a well-roasted coffee beans pack can help you avoid type-2 diabetes, certain liver ailments, dementia, and depression?

Any cup of specialty coffee has no primary defects and less than five secondary defects. It goes down smooth and has a pleasing aroma, a well-balanced taste, as well as, the ideal amount of caffeine. Roasters source their greens from different parts of the planet, but the two ruling regions are Colombia and Brazil. This blog will inculcate details that will help you understand your favorite beverage on a deeper level. Read on till the last period to become a coffee buff!

Brief On 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

The coffee beans that come from the plant “Coffea Arabica” are called Arabica coffee beans. It originated in the mystic land of Ethiopia. The story states that these caffeinated delights were first discovered by a goat herder. His goats started acting in an unusual manner after having some berries. These berries were then boiled in water and had by a monk, who said that the beverage kept him awake through the night. The story spread and so did the magic of caffeine.

Today, Arabica coffee beans make up to 60%+ global coffee demand. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities on Earth. In case you are looking to buy coffee beans online in the US, head to the OKBF web store right away. The coffee products here include beans from Colombia, Brazil, and Central South America. They are sourced from exclusively chosen coffee farms.

Brief On Processing Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee beans go through a meticulous roasting process after being harvested from the plants. It starts with taking the seeds out from the plum. The three popular ways to acquire the beans for roasting are via water cleaning, honey cleansing, or natural drying. Processors use water to remove cherry skin and parchment in the first method, honey in the second, and heat in the last.

Once this process is done, the beans go through sorting and quality check. The selected lots are sent to artisans for roasting as per their unique procedures. Every roaster has a distinct way of dealing with coffee greens. We’ll elaborate on the procedure in the latter sections.

Brief On Colombian Coffee Beans

They are the most widely exported wholesale coffee beans in the market. Colombian Coffee Beans are termed as one of the smoothest, silkiest, and bold roasts. It is a region that produces some of the oldest coffee beans in the world. The beans possess a fantastic scent and subtle cane sugary sweetness. Their plants usually grow in high altitudes and mountainous regions.

Brief On Brazilian Coffee Beans

They make up a third of global coffee beans production. Brazilian Coffee Beans usually possess a unique flavor profile with characteristics of raw cacao, dried fruit, papaya, and honey. Coffee farming in this region began around the 1700s and the boom happened around the mid-1850s.

These beans are known to be grown at different altitudes. Some come up in rich soil on flatland farms, some in green hillsides with lush earthy red soil, and others on mountainous plateaus abundant in volcanic soil. Brazil has remained king of coffee production for well over a century.

5 Interesting Facts About Roasting Coffee Beans

Roasting coffee beans is an intricate process involving several variables. The process begins with putting coffee greens in a heating drum and keeping the coffee beans rotating to help them acquire similar tones. There are four types of roasts available in the market, light roast, medium roast, medium-dark roast, and dark roast. Here are some points of importance.

- Coffee beans contain 10 percent moisture and after heating, it comes down to 1-2 %.

- Coffee beans smell like hay at the start of the roasting process. This turns into the smell of homemade popcorn on the first crack, which happens at around 196°C.

- The second crack on coffee beans takes place at around 224 °C.

- Maillard reaction, an important step in roasting coffee beans happens at around 160 °C.

- The unroasted beans weigh significantly more than the roasted coffee beans.

      Lightly roasted coffee beans contain high caffeine and acidity, whereas dark roasted coffee beans are sweeter, with the least amount of caffeine and acidity. While the former is ideal for morning cups of joe, the latter is perfect for good times in the evening.

      Brief On Storing Specialty Coffee Beans

      There are two things that could destroy the quality of coffee beans within moments! The first is Heat and the second is Oxygen. High temperatures can take away the aromatic characteristics of coffee beans. It makes the cup of joe taste unappealing and boring. A coffee pack includes a one-way air valve to help freshly roasted coffee beans breathe. It helps the beans de-gas without coming in contact with Oxygen. Oxidation can kill the flavor of these delights. The best way for you to store them is by keeping them out of direct light, and inside air-tight jars.

      Price Trends Of Specialty Coffee

      Arabica coffee is traded on the C Market. It is where the global benchmark for the price is set based on market forces of demand and supply. This doesn’t include factors like cup profile, quality of beans, or process of roasting.

      In recent times, the global pandemic, economic crisis in the US & China, Brazilian drought, Russia-Ukraine war, and destabilizing geopolitical situations have led to spikes in coffee bean pricing. The consumption rates continue to be strong, but as the demand rises, supply needs to rise parallelly.

      We may see a bit more surge in coffee bean pricing in the coming years, but soon it will stabilize as the efforts in sustainable farming grow.

      Advantages Of Buying Coffee Beans Online

      There are numerous benefits of purchasing coffee beans online. You could avoid packs that result in bland beverages, and acquire products that do justice to your experience. It helps you save, time, money, and effort. One could opt for a coffee club subscription and enjoy specialty coffee at home on daily basis without worrying about maintaining store capacity.

      Fresher batches, as the beans drive from farm to roasters to you! No conglomerate overheads, better packaging, thus least shelf time, and next to none oxidation. Lastly, the number of flavor choices available online is hard to find in a brick-and-mortar store. It allows you to experiment freely.


      In the end, we hope that you have the answers to your queries on premium coffee beans. If not, head to the Coffee 101 page on the OKBF website to get your doubts resolved. Do not forget to visit the web store and place an order. The flagship products, namely Mornin’ Kick, Midday Stroll, and Chill Thirty are truly worth experiencing with your loved ones. Moreover, the coffee calculator will help you measure your monthly/weekly caffeine needs and save crucial funds.

      The Ok But First Coffee Club Subscription is an ideal buy for java fanatics across the US. It offers various advantages such as discounts, free delivery, fresher batches, and more. Dive into the beverage that has the power to empower you with vigor, wits, and vibrance!

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