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ok, but first coffee
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Coffee is so much more than a drink that gives us that much needed jolt throughout our day. It is one of the oldest beverages that have long been bringing people together. Coffee is part of the moments we create and the experiences that unite us.

Growing up in a big family, coffee has always been the connection that bound us through our gatherings, the stories we shared and memories we made. Far back as I can remember, the aroma alone, permeating from the stovetop percolator, was a signal that the night was far from over. It was an excuse for us to linger longer and form deeper connections. To say that we've grown a passion for coffee is an understatement. And to this day, a freshly brewed cup of coffee is something that somehow teleports us back to a place or memory, while continuing to ignite new memories now and in the future.

Coffee is that familiar friend we all know; that casual encounter that allows us to foster comfortable relationships between each other. Coffee is family. Coffee is friends. Coffee is memories. Coffee is love. Ok, but first… coffee!


Coffee plays a major role in our lives, and the center point of our connections. As such, having quality coffee is vital to helping create those experiences and memories. Back in the day, great coffee was not easy to come by. Options were limited, from the mass-produced brands stocked on grocery shelves, to the overpriced retail chain coffee shops we all have come to know. Even today, finding great coffee, seems to only happen by stumbling upon that random local roaster along our travels. For the majority, those local roasters aren’t easily accessible. And so, we simply got tired of drinking bland coffee and never finding a roast we truly loved.

Queue lightbulb moment… so we decided to launch our own coffee company and develop specialty coffee roasts to deliver directly to your door. Coffee we can truly be proud to drink and worthy of a coffee culture, that continues to enhance one another’s connections.


Coffee, the center point of our connections… and why quality matters.

We have the strong belief in building long term connections with the very farms that grow the coffee we love to roast. Through tasting a range of coffees from each farm, we carefully selected our favorites to share with you. Responsibly sourced from exotic locations, roasted in small batches with love.

midday stroll
midday stroll


OKBF is more than just quality coffee. We are a community of coffee lovers, who share experiences, create memories and long for the quality of life that starts in our coffee cup.

Be a part of our family and follow us on insta (@OKBFCoffee), sharing your memories with us, while drinking your “Ok, But First… Coffee.”

Kaldı our mascot

As the popular legend goes, a goat herder from Kaffa (now Ethiopia) named Kaldi was herding his goats, when he noticed strange behavior from his herd. The goats, after eating bright red berries from a certain tree, began to dance around wildly and bleat loudly.

Kaldi reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery, who made a drink with the berries and found that it kept him alert through the long hours of evening prayer. The abbot shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery, and knowledge of the energizing berries began to spread.

As word moved east and coffee reached the Arabian Peninsula, it began a journey which would bring these beans across the globe. And there you have it, the story of coffee discovery and our mascot!

midday stroll