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Top 15 Facts About Coffee | Get Amazed By Stunning Truths

A freshly brewed cup of coffee is like a blessing straight from the heavens, rejuvenating our body with positive energy. This divine beverage is appreciated by billions across the planet for its soothing nature. It is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world after all!

Here are the facts about this beverage that may take your breath away.

  • The discovery of coffee beans dates back to the 15th century. Just around the time when Leonardo DaVinci designed the first parachute. The beans were found by a goat herder who was minding his own business when the animals started behaving oddly.
  • Brazil is one of the best coffee hotspots in the world and played a major part in the distribution of beans around the planet. It was and is the largest exporter of coffee. Yes, the country is responsible for around a third of the total global coffee supply.
  • In addition, Brazil was facing a financial crunch in 1932 and was not in the condition to send its athletes to the Olympics. This is when the government decided to fund the trip by selling coffee. It yielded zero medals but became a legendary tale.
  • There was a time when coffee was more of a food ingredient than a beverage. The East African tribes were known to grind the berries and mix them with meat.
  • The British love their tea and crockery sets for enjoying it, but you may be surprised to know that the UK alone consumes about 100 million cups of coffee daily!
  • Do you know that our beloved beverage was banned by certain governments in the 18th century? High-end organizations thought that it stimulated radical thinking and forced country heads to issue nationwide bans. They were lifted after a period of time, but just imagine what would our lives be like if the trend took off!
  • The largest cup of coffee ever made to date contained about 23 liters of beverage. It took around fifty people more than a month to make it. This endeavor was undertaken in Columbia on the 15th of June 2019 and holds a Guinness World Record.
  • The United States is the superpower that has dominated our planet with supreme inventions and discoveries for decades; but do you know that this first-world nation has only one state that grows most of its coffee? Hawaii is the only region where you’ll find fields of coffee plants. This is basically because of its pact with Brazil and Vietnam, the two largest producers of coffee, to facilitate their global business.
  • This one is for all the physics enthusiasts! Coffee has a tendency of staying warm for 20% longer if you add cream to it. Smiling? Well, go perform the experiment!
  • Arabica and Robusta are the two most circulated coffee types across nations. The first has its origins in the Arabian Peninsula and the second contains twice the caffeine.
  • Instant coffee has been around since 1770, but it received the patent in 1910. The global instant coffee market breached the $13 billion mark in 2020!
  • Are you into wines? Well, for your information, coffee has more flavanoids (antioxidant agents), than red wine. Next time you think of clear skin, opt for a cup of black coffee!
  • The most expensive coffee in the world comes from Indonesia and is made out of beans digested by Asian Palm Civet. Yes, cat poop! The name of this beverage is Kopi Luwak.
  • A huge amount of research backs the fact that a cup of coffee can help you run faster. They conclude that people who drink normal coffee can run about 4 seconds faster across a 1500m distance than the people who prefer decaf.
  • An average American spends about $1100 on coffee annually. Most of the spendings comes from the young generation. It is like going through one iPhone per year.

To wrap it up, coffee is the beverage that brings us together and instigates the emotions of harmony. It stimulates conversations and helps us make memories that last for a lifetime. This beverage is our way of getting ready to face daily challenges. Cheers to the drink that drives us.

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