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Chill Thirty

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Dark Roast


As the name suggests, every time you brew this delightful artisan crafted roast, you might find yourself ready to, well chill… for thirty of course (or longer, we don’t like limits on relaxing). Your time is precious and better spent taking a beat, chillaxing, and enjoying a freshly brewed cup of this fine darker roast. Every sip with its velvety, smooth flavor, simply leaves your tastebuds wanting more.

roast roast

SMOKY Raspberry

The most important
roast roast

Dark chocolate

Rich in Minerals
roast roast


Fresh and healthy
product line
  • mid-day-cup

    Specialty Grade

  • mid-day-cup

    100% Arabica

  • mid-day-cup

    Single Origin

  • mid-day-cup

    Exotic Farm Location

  • mid-day-cup

    Small Batch
    Artisan Roasted

  • mid-day-cup

    Responsibly sourced

  • mid-day-cup

    High altitude

  • mid-day-cup

    Hand crafted

Brazil uses advanced harvesting and processing systems which produces very high-end specialty grade coffee beans. Once thought primary as a producer of blender coffee, Brazil has made great improvements in sorting and processing.

That, along with a recent trend to promote Brazil’s high quality, small-estate coffees are highlighting the amazing variety of specialty coffees the country has to offer. Most of Brazil’s coffees are processed using the natural and pulped natural process which, when done right, imparts sweetness and complexity.

Customer Reviews

Michael T.

Michael T.

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November 10, 2021

It's just so delicious and drinkable!

Coffee is equally important to us as is drinking water. At first, we were very skeptical to try another new coffee company. We placed our order of Ok But First Coffee and wow were we blown away. It's just so delicious and drinkable! No more is coffee just the fuel we need to get our day going. These beans are a treat! Thanks OKBF crew! :-)

Mary D

Mary D

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Oct 08, 2021

This Coffee Rocks!

My day doesn't start until I've had my coffee. After trying Mornin' Kick, my day not only starts, it's enhanced because this coffee is excellent!

John Doe

John Doe

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Nov 10, 2021

Best Coffee Product

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