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5 Types Of Coffee Beans To Buy Online For Your Cup Of Joe

Whether it is a cup of java in the morning after a good night's sleep to wake your senses, a cup of joe in the afternoon to keep your engine running, or a cup of brew in the evening after a hustle-full day, premium whole coffee beans can do wonders beyond imagination.

When you take a stroll on the internet looking for these wonders, the one question that pops in mind is, what type of coffee will suit your needs? We’ll resolve this query once and for all.

There are several types of coffee beans available in the market resourced from countries worldwide. Making a call can feel overwhelming and thus we have narrowed it down to five.

The top 5 Types Of Beans For Coffee Are:

#1. Arabica Coffee Beans

The coffee bean that dominates the market by a phenomenal margin! Arabica beans account for about 65% of the global coffee production. Its delicate-distinctive flavors, smooth body, and refined acidity make it people's favorite. These beans could taste fruity, nutty, or even chocolaty depending on the process of farming and processing.

Mostly grown in areas with high elevations above sea level, these coffee beans give out an aroma that not only soothes your soul but also provides an energy punch to the brain. It is naturally far sweeter and has approximately 50 percent more oils than Robusta.

The Arabica Coffee farm requires constant care as the plants are quite delicate. They are prone to botanical diseases and adverse environmental conditions. This accompanied by high demand, drives up the cost of the bean considerably higher than the rest. A perfect example of how price doesn’t matter when the end product is divine!

#2. Robusta Coffee Beans

When it comes to worldwide demand, the premium Robusta beans come right behind Arabica. They grow at lower elevations, have high levels of caffeine, and get sourced from plants that are disease resistant. The term 'Robusta' honors both this bean's flavor and its durability. It is not a very popular coffee commodity because of its rubbery taste.

 Many coffee companies use these whole coffee beans as filler in dark roasts. On the other hand, there are businesses that bring out high-quality, single-origin, artisan crafted, small-batch roasted beans to the market for black coffee enthusiasts. One can shoot up his/her energy level to a whole new level with a cup of joe made from Robusta!

#3. Liberica Coffee Beans

A rare breed, the Liberica beans are grown in very specific climates with utmost care for plant protection. They are larger than the other beans and possess a unique aroma.

There is quite an intriguing story behind these beans. Near the end of the nineteenth century, a plant disease led to a sudden downfall in Arabica bean production, and the market opened up for other variants of coffee beans. The Philippines started growing Liberica during this crisis and started selling it worldwide in noteworthy volume. This grew its economy exponentially and led the country to freedom from the US.

As a result, America imposed severe economic sanctions that led to the downfall of Liberica production. The Philippines was once the world's leading producer of Liberica beans, and no other country since has ever equaled that output.

#4. Excelsa Coffee Beans

A member of the Liberica family, the Excelsa boasts a tart, fruitier flavor and shows characteristics of both light and dark roast coffees. Its plant growing at altitudes of between 1,000 and 1,300 can yield beans with positive, desirable, and unique flavors.

These beans are comparatively low in caffeine than Arabica coffee beans but their out-of-the-box taste makes them one of the favorites among classy crowds.

#5. Geisha Coffee Beans

Originated in Ethiopia, the Geisha beans provide floral and sweet notes of flavors. It is an exclusive variety with a high selling price. The process of gaining these specialty coffee beans begins by picking the ripest cherries. The riper the cherries, the better the notes of tastes like jasmine, chocolate, and honey. 


To conclude, we hope that you have made your choice and this article helped you gain knowledge about the java world. The best pick according to most joe lovers is the Arabica.

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