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Specialty vs Commercial Coffee: The 5 Fundamental Differences

A term like “Specialty Coffee” has come into vogue in recent times as millennials have pushed forward for the organic movement. The worldwide populace has started understanding the difference between instant beverages and artisan-crafted drinks. Many surveys have stated that the online Arabica Coffee Beans market will keep growing exponentially in the coming years!

If you are new to this domain, the first question that pops in mind is, what’s the difference? Like, how significant is the change between a cup of joe made from premium whole bean coffee and the one made from a cachet of ground coffee.

Well, read this blog to the last word. The content begins with basics, but in no time you’ll be on a ride of information that will help you create an individual opinion on what’s best for you!

What Is Specialty Coffee?

The coffee that receives a rating of 80 and above on the SCA scale or any renowned coffee aggregator, by default comes under the Specialty umbrella. These types of coffee are usually made from responsibly sourced whole bean coffee, and thus, many use the “Specialty” term to mention the contrast between ground caffeine and bean-based caffeine.

The community of coffee lovers places a lot of emphasis on specialty coffee. The creation of good coffee holds huge appeal to many people, whether they grow, roast, or brew better coffee.

What Is Commercial Coffee?

The coffee that receives a rating of 70 and below on the SCA scale or any renowned coffee aggregator, comes under the commercial coffee tag. These types of coffee are usually made from grounded beans sourced from easy-to-maintain coffee farms. The sale of commercial coffee is one of the reasons why coffee has become the second most valuable traded commodity in the world. The go-to beverage for people in need of an instant energy kick.

Specialty Coffee vs Commercial Coffee

The main difference is that commercial coffee is mainly derived from robusta coffee beans, while single-origin specialty coffee is made from only arabica coffee beans. Other than this, the 5 major differences that separate specialty and commercial coffee are as follows.

  • Acquiring Method

    The whole beans used to make specialty coffee get handpicked by farmers, keeping in mind that the cherries are neither black nor greeny-yellowish. They are perfectly red in color. On the other hand, in the case of commercial coffee, the farmers pick all the cherries, irrespective of color.

  • Why?
    Well, the aim of commercial coffee makers is to increase production and ensure that their revenue keeps rising. While a whole bean coffee company, such as Okbutfirst, aims to monitor quality and provide customers an experience worth remembering!

    A mass-production company does not care about how the beans are processed or grounded. Whereas, a company in the business of selling premium whole bean coffee products maintains a comprehensive process to get an ideal end result.

  • Choice Of Flavors

    Commercial coffee does not come in a variety of flavors, as the makers choose the most favored tastes to sell as many packets as possible. On the other hand, the 100% Arabica coffee beans offer a variety of flavors. Moreover, the consumers also get to choose the level of roast, making the beverage more enjoyable and soul-soothing.

    Note: OKBF offers a diverse collection of freshly roasted coffee beans at the best rates across America. Check out the products now and order online to relish true nirvana.

  • Quality Of End Product

    The prime reason why most people pick premium coffee beans over branded grounded coffee. When the coffee beans go through the grinding process and become powder, they lose their natural characteristics. On the other hand, the beans preserve most of coffee’s innate qualities. Thus, the end results, i.e a cup of java, made from ground coffee taste, feel, and smell inferior to a cup made from specialty coffee beans.

  • Packaging Variation

    Specialty coffee beans usually come in one pound or twelve-ounce packages with a one-side airhole. These beans are roasted in small batches, according to consumer preferences, and thus the company takes extra care to maintain the quality. They try to keep the freshly roasted coffee beans as safe from the atmosphere as possible.

    In contrast, the pre-grounded commercial coffee usually comes in bottles/packets of all sizes. The companies in the commercial coffee business care more about easy storage and transfer than the quality of products. Furthermore, once an individual opens any of these packages, the strength of caffeine in coffee begins dropping.

  • Price Contrast

    Lastly, the one point that favors commercial coffee! A whole bean company selling artisan-crafted 100% Arabica coffee beans spends significantly more on delivering one cup of coffee than a mass-production enterprise. Thus, the price of premium whole bean coffee is considerably higher than branded ground coffee.

    Well, if you are a coffee enthusiast and truly love this beverage, any amount spent on specialty coffee feels like nothing. Additionally, a commercial cup of coffee is not as healthy as an organic cup of joe. Choose wisely and turn your life into a living heaven!

Best Whole Bean Coffee Products To Buy Online In The US

There are many roasters that promise to deliver the best coffee beans in the US, but not all can live up to the expectations. The online market is open for entrepreneurs to create an impact worth noticing. Well, one such budding company on the internet is Okbutfirst Coffee. It has deep roots in the whole bean coffee arena and thus offers premium products at the best rates.

The three 100% Arabica coffee products sold on the OKBF website are:  

  • Mornin’ Kick

    Special Ingredients: Brazil Nuts, Grapefruit, & Oak

    A brew to kick-start your days with bold flavors and an extremely welcoming aroma. The Mornin’ Kick Arabica Beans come from Columbia. It is the ideal beverage to jolt your senses with positive vibes and rejuvenate your body with incredible energy!

  • Midday Stroll

    Special Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, & Plum

    Power up your moments with a cup of joe that makes you go ‘Aha’! The Midday Stroll Arabica Beans come from Central & South America. It is the ideal liquid to have in the middle of a tiring day to drive up your cortisol and adrenaline flow.

  • Chill Thirty

    Special Ingredients: Smoky Rasberry, Dark Chocolate, & Anise

    The perfect cup of java to relax & build good memories with family and friends. The Chill Thirty Arabica Beans come from Brazil. It is the ideal drink to have after a day full of hard work. Anise helps keep blood sugar levels in check & reduces symptoms of depression. 


To conclude, we hope that you have comprehended the difference between specialty and commercial coffee. The choice is simple if you are a true java lover!

If you wish to buy 100% Arabica beans, responsibly sourced from regions like Columbia, Brazil, and Central America, visit the OKBF website today. It is a budding whole bean coffee company willing to go the extra mile to deliver the finest! Moreover, the site has a coffee ratio calculator which could be used to understand your weekly/monthly coffee bean requirement.

These stats can then be used to subscribe to the exclusive coffee club which offers benefits like free delivery & 10% discount on orders. Relish a cup of joe made from the best beans today!

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