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The specialty coffee revolution has awakened many to the journey of coffee beans. Many who preferred instant coffee want to know all about Arabica coffee beans and their odyssey from seed to cup. Every java enthusiast talks about his experiences with various specialty coffee cups, and these stories have started spreading like wildfire. People want to get in the game, the hype, the business, the market of coffee beans. Numbers speak louder than words.

“Statista states that the price of raw Arabica coffee beans in 2018 was about $2.8 per kilogram, and it will touch $4.4 by 2025. Moreover, at present, roughly 45% of the US population enjoys gourmet coffee made from Arabica beans every day.”

The farming of a coffee bean is complex, diverse, and peculiar. It involves a chain of hundreds of people working tirelessly to deliver top-class cups of joe. I’m obviously not talking about the instant sachets here. We will discuss the seed-to-cup process of premium coffee beans. The blog will also have a section describing all about a coffee farm and plant.

It's time to connect with your drink on an intimate level and relish the tones you never noticed.

Coffea Arabica | The Plant That Bestowed Nirvana

Woody evergreen that can grow up to 10 meters tall, the Coffea Arabica is found in Central & South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Maximal of the world’s coffee comes from the “Bean Belt”. It is the zone between the Tropic of Cancer (25° North) and the Tropic of Capricorn (30° South). The Arabica beans are seeds inside a “cherry” that grows on this plant.

A few important coffee plant characteristics are that their branches have dark green, waxy leaves that grow in pairs, it begins flowering after 3-5 years of growth, and it healthy for about 30-40 years under certain care. The cherries start popping about 6 weeks after the flowers blossom. According to the coffee variety, these can turn red, orange, yellow, or pink.

A harvest depends on the climate, elevation, soil type, and seed varietal. A good harvester can pick about 100-200 pounds of coffee cherries daily, resulting in 20-40 pounds of coffee beans.

Every coffee cherry has two seeds protected by several layers. The anatomy includes Exocarp, Mesocarp, Endocarp, Spermoderm, and Endosperm. The last one is beautifully green and our final product. This raw bean goes through roasting with various special ingredients.

Arabica Coffee Beans - Seed To Cup

Do you know that about 130 million people depend on coffee plantations for their livelihood? In addition, do you that 80% of coffee worldwide comes from 25 million smallholder farmers?

The steps of acquiring premium coffee beans go as follows:

  • Planting
    While picking coffee beans, the farmers keep a few of them aside to plant. These seeds are planted often when the weather is wet and cared for until the seedlings become strong. The farmers then place these seedlings in large beds and water as required. To grow coffee, the soil needs to be moist and warm. It should have high nitrogen content and a low pH. The process is usually done during the rainy season of the locality.

  • Harvesting
    Once the blossoms have turned into cherries and turned into an appropriate color for harvesting, the farmers handpick them to ensure the highest quality yield. The Robusta beans on the other hand are mass-harvested with help of machines. It strips all the cherries from the trees, including the ones which may still be underripe. Whereas, the Arabica coffee beans as selectively picked are always perfectly matured.

  • Processing
    This step requires agility to make sure that cherries don’t go stale. There are two main ways to process cherries and the roasters choose one as per their budget capability.

    - Wet Method: The processors remove beans from these berries by putting them into a machine for pulping. This removes all the outer layers. The raw beans then go under the water for washing. These then get rinsed and dried for up to two days in the sun.

    - Dry Method: The processors spread out all the harvested cherries over a large surface and leave them in the sun. A method used mostly by small farms and in areas where there is a water shortage. It involves drying the seeds to 10-12% moisture content.

  • Milling
    The processed beans go through hulling first, to remove all the left-out parchments. This is a method that leaves only coffee beans in the end, scrubbing off all extra parts.

  • Sorting & Grading
    Roasters check for imperfections and sort the beans based on their weight and size. The coffee company conducts it using machines, or skilled laborers. They use judging parameters such as appearance, size, farm altitude, harvesting method, and more.

  • Roasting
    There are four main ways to roast Arabica coffee beans. These are Light Roast (356-401°), Medium Roast (410- 428°), Medium-Dark Roast (437-446°), and Dark Roast (464- 482°). Each bean retains various characteristics and picks a few as well depending on added ingredients. This is where the coffee roasters showcase their craftsmanship.

  • Packing & Delivering
    The freshly roasted beans enter a pack with a one-way air valve. It helps the little delights de-gas without being exposed to oxidation. Moreover, the delivery channels maintain a certain environment around the coffee products to ensure they reach you in prime condition. Specialty coffee is just one step away from your cup!

  • Grinding
    Finally, the pack arrives in your hands and the grinding depends on you like your daily cup of joe. You can pick from several options if you possess the appropriate tools. The 5 famous grinding methods are the French Press, Chemex, Drip, Aeropress, and Siphon.

Buy Coffee Beans Online - OK But First

If you want to buy 100% Arabica coffee beans online, visit the OkButFirst Coffee web store right away. It is a company located in Parlin, New Jersey with a mission to deliver premium coffee beans across the US. Currently, they offer three gourmet coffee products. They are as follows.

  • Mornin’ Kick
    Medium roasted, full city (profile), 100% Arabica coffee beans straight from Columbia, with special ingredients such as Brazil nuts, grapefruit, and oak.

  • Midday Stroll
    Medium-Dark roasted, full city+ (profile), 100% Arabica coffee beans straight from Central-South America, with special ingredients like brown sugar, hazelnut, and plum.

  • Chill Thirty
    Dark roasted, French (profile), 100% Arabica coffee beans straight from Brazil, with special ingredients such as smoky raspberry, dark chocolate, and anise.

All these premium coffee beans ooze soothing aroma and taste sublime. Each pack offers 12oz whole beans at $17.99. All of these packs include single-origin, responsibly sourced, handcrafted, and artisan roasted coffee beans. You should not miss out on such a fine experience.


In the end, we hope that you have all the information you need to enjoy a gourmet cup of joe at home. Do not forget to visit the OkButFirst website. Utilize their coffee calculator, pick your favorite pack, and place an order now to have an experience that stays with you for a lifetime!

One can also become a member of the elite Coffee Club, which grants benefits such as free deliveries, discounts, especially roasted batches, and more. Moreover, you can make connections in the java world of America and spend good times with like-minded people!

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