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Buy Best Arabica Coffee Beans: Guide - OK But First Coffee

“100% Arabica Coffee Beans”, a phrase that you may have noticed numerous times if you are into specialty coffee. Do you know that Arabica beans make up 60% of coffee production in the world? It just boggles my mind when I compare this fact to the reality that an Arabica plant takes nearly 7 years to mature! Let’s get into understanding these delights intricately.

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Moving on, this blog will provide a broad perspective on coffee beans and answer all types of queries one step at a time. We’ll wander in the what lane, take a turn to the why lane, stop by at the how lane, and then conclude our journey with loads of information in our brains. This expedition will grant you the power to make better decisions while purchasing your favorite java.

What Are Arabica Coffee Beans?

If you followed our blogs to date, I’m pretty sure you are up to speed with most of the information I’m about to state. This is for the ones who are new to our world. Welcome, we wish you enjoy specialty cups of joe till the end of eternity. Arabica coffee beans are the by-product of the “Coffea Arabica” plant. They originated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, and possess an ideal balance between flavor, aroma, acidity, and caffeine contents.

Types Of Arabica Coffee Beans Found Worldwide

  • Typica:
    A sub-variety of the Arabica family, Typica is an immensely popular variety for its clean, complex, & high-quality cup profile. It's typically sweet with a broad range of flavor notes.

  • Bourbon:
    A tall, medium-yielding plant with green leaf tips, the Bourbon offers a deep, buttery chocolate flavor. Their sweetness and very light fruit overtones make them special.

  • Geisha:
    A variety of coffee beans with origins in the Gori Gesha forest, Ethiopia. It has a unique flavor profile of floral and sweet notes. It is less acidic and has a rich, fuller exterior.

  • Caturra:
    A natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, the Caturra comes from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It offers balanced sweetness and acidity, as well as, aromas of maple.

There are many more in line, and we’ll mention them in the upcoming uploads. Stay tuned!

What Are The Types Of Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans?

There are four types of roasted coffee beans. One can choose them on the basis of their characteristics. The OkButFirst Coffee 101 section segregates Arabica coffee beans as follows.

  • Light Roasted Coffee Beans
    Heated at 356°-401°, until right after “First Crack” occurs.
    Traits: Highest caffeine and acidity. Retains origin flavors. No oil on the surface.

  • Medium Roasted Coffee Beans
    Temp: Heated at 410°-428°, until just the end of “First Crack”.
    Traits: Comparative less caffeine and acidity. Balanced flavor & aroma. Drier surface.

  • Medium-Dark Roasted Coffee Beans
    Temp: Heated at 437°-446°, until just after “Second Crack”.
    Traits: Less caffeine and acidity. The aroma and flavors of roasting are evident.

  • Dark Roasted Coffee Beans
    Temp: Heated at 356°-401°, until right after “First Crack” occurs.
    Traits: Lowest caffeine and acidity. Roasting flavors are prominent. Oily surface.

What Are The Major Differences Between Robusta And Arabica Coffee Beans? Why Is Arabica Preferred Over Robusta?

We are at the junction of moving towards the why lane, but before that, let’s dive into what makes Arabica coffee beans a superior breed. Keep it brief and simple. If you wish to go into details, check out the OKBF blog section now to find everything you want to comprehend.

  • Structure Of These Coffee Beans
    The Arabica beans are comparatively longer than Robusta. They look richer and fuller than Robusta. The Robusta coffee beans are rounder and lighter in color.

  • Taste Of These Coffee Beans
    The Arabica comes in several flavors as it is the prime choice of specialty coffee roasters. They hold the tone of roasting ingredients better than Robusta. Moreover, they possess an ideal balance between caffeine and lip contents. The Robusta on the other hand has more caffeine and tastes rubbery. Arabica beans are sweet, Robusta is bitter.

  • Price Of These Coffee Beans
    Arabica costs almost double the price of Robusta. Why? Because Arabica plants need extra care and these beans get handpicked. Whereas, the Robusta plans can withstand comparatively harsher conditions, are mass-harvested, and need no extra care. Robusta is the bean used to make instant coffee products, while Arabica is for specialty coffee.

Why Choose Specialty Coffee Over Instant Coffee?

The answer to this question depends on how you see coffee. If you see this beverage as your go-to option for any situation, be it happy or sad, specialty coffee must be your choice. If you see this drink as any other liquid for refreshment, don’t bother. This blog is not your cup of joe!

  • Health
    Coffee is a healthy drink. You up this advantage when you opt for specialty coffee over instant coffee. The branded mass-distributed instant coffee includes premature Robusta beans as the company has to maintain a certain supply pace. Whereas, the specialty coffee includes only selected and artisan-crafted mature Arabica coffee beans. Why drink something that may not be as effective as it claims? The benefits are:

    - Antioxidants to fight certain types of cancer and related symptoms.
    - Nutrients to prevent diseases pertaining to the skin, mouth, and pharynx.
    - Lowers the risk of type-2 diabetes and chances of getting tooth cavities.
    - Helps strengthen the immune system and improves brain activity.
    - Contains niacin, riboflavin, manganese, magnesium, and potassium.

  • Quality
    Specialty coffee is a by-product of Arabica coffee beans, whereas instant coffee of Robusta beans. I think this clearly states that specialty coffee is better in quality than instant coffee, as per the differences mentioned in the above section. Any coffee rated 80 or above by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) comes under the specialty umbrella. Everything else is sub-par and thus not the right pick for coffee enthusiasts.

  • Variety
    Lastly, specialty coffee comes in a number of varieties. For example, take a look at the OkButFirst web store. They offer three sublime packs, one Mornin’ Kick, two Midday Stroll, and three Chill Thirty. The first has ingredients such as Brazil nuts, grapefruit, and oak. The second has brown sugar, hazelnut, and plum, whereas the last one has smoky raspberry, dark chocolate, and anise. You won’t find such variety in instant coffee!

Where To Buy Roasted Coffee Beans Online In The US?

The answer is clear and if you believed in the content to this point, opt for OkButFirst Coffee. It operates from Parlin, New Jersey. The website not only provided the opportunity to buy premium coffee beans but also offer an elite Coffee Club membership, alongside stylish Merch.

Utilize the coffee calculator, pick your pack, schedule the delivery, and place an order now to relish specialty coffee in the comfort of your comforter! The Mornin’ Kick is ideal for slow mornings, the Midday Stroll for blue afternoons, and the Chill Thirty for relaxing evenings.


To wrap it up, hope this blog gave you a broader perspective on Arabica coffee beans and cleared all your doubts about buying coffee beans online. Don’t yawn, buy the blissful beans!

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