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Specialty Coffee Beans: Experience Java Like Never Before

If you are in love with premium coffee, this piece of writing is for you. The best coffee beans in the world have one thing in common! They are all Arabica. A cup of joe is a beverage that provides solace to some and energy to others. There are many types of specialty coffee that one could enjoy while reading or conversing with close ones.

A breakfast without java feels incomplete. What makes this drink one of the most savored ones on the planet? Well, I think it’s the bliss, health benefits, as well as, sublime aroma. In case you wish to buy coffee beans online, check out the OKBF web store right away. We’ll showcase the collection at the end, thus, read to the last period and get hold of everything “Java-Tastic”.

For your information, any cup of coffee that scores 80 or above on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale is a must-try beverage. The quality of tones takes your mind on a wonderful ride across true happiness.

Do you know about the effort that goes into roasting coffee beans? Well, here are some of the points that can help you comprehend this procedure.

5 Essential Things To Know About Roasting Specialty Coffee Beans

Though the entire process from seed to cup is quite elaborate, here are brief pointers explaining it all. If you wish to read the entire procedure, head to our Coffee 101 page right away. It displays a blog that has answers to all the queries related to roasting Arabica coffee beans.

  • It Is A Technical Process
    Many believe that the roasters do not have a protocol and they wing it while making their batches. It is completely untrue. Freshly roasted coffee beans are the results of a detailed method. Every roaster has a different way, diverse ingredients, and exclusive resources to deliver the best products. The procedure begins when responsibly sourced single-origin coffee beans enter a rotating drum emanating heat upwards of 400°.

    The process possesses benchmarks such as First crack and Second crack. Any bean that has reached the first crack and taken out has high caffeine and acid. Whereas, the one that comes out after the second crack has the least caffeine and is sweeter.

  • It Is An Art Form
    Java artisans have a distinct skill of taking specialty coffee beans from raw green seeds to roasted tan delights. They not only have to keep a check on temperature and time but also the ingredients they use while the burners are on. It involves choosing the right condiment as well as the right time to put it in the drum. Moreover, how frequently would the beans require a position to absorb the tones? There are many things that just state that roasting coffee beans is truly an art form and not many could become maestros.

  • Same Area Can Deliver Diverse Roasts
    Most Arabica coffee beans come from the region between the Tropic Of Cancer and the Tropic Of Capricorn. Roasters acquire their coffee beans from different farms based on current rates. These beans may come from high altitudes or significantly lower ones. It all comes down to the climate and soil property in which a plant has grown.

    Thus, the coffee buffs responsible for manufacturing whole bean coffee products have to fine-tune their method depending on what type of beans they have in store. Every type of roast be it light, medium, medium-dark, or dark come from the same type of beans but offers diverse tastes. The art of roasters plays a pivotal role in giving coffee its oomph.

  • It Requires Patience
    Poorly roasted coffee beans may taste like ash. The process of making premium coffee products for sale is one that requires time. Nothing can be rushed. Do you know that even the plant responsible for yielding java berries takes up to 7 years to mature? A coffee roaster has to check and re-check every step to ensure consistent taste.

    Thus, 100% Arabica coffee beans cost a tad higher than normal java products. But the price justifies the experience. A simple whiff or sip of a coffee cup made from these grains takes your breath away. In addition, the unlimited health benefits make it a must-have beverage every day. These beans can help fight depression, curtail the risk of heart diseases, and help you prevent type-2 diabetes, as well as, dementia.

  • Coffee Club Subscription Is An Ideal Way
    Lastly, avoid purchasing coffee beans from the shelves of baristas. Order them online or join a subscription plan to acquire fresh batches. These delights can swiftly turn bland when left in the open or inappropriate storage location.

    Oxidation is the number one killer of premium coffee beans. A coffee club subscription is the best way to enjoy the bliss of arabica coffee beans at home! Moving forward, here are a few packs you could try.

100% Arabica Coffee Beans At Remarkably Sharp Rates

Ok But First Coffee is a budding whole bean coffee company in the US. Headquartered in Parlin, NJ, it delivers the best across the nation. The collection included the following.

  • Mornin’ Kick
    A coffee product that offers roasted beans from Colombia. These possess flavors of Brazil Nuts, Grapefruit, and Oak. The artisans roast them in Full City profile.

  • Midday Stroll
    A coffee product that offers roasted beans from Central-South America. These possess flavors of Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, and Plum. The artisans roast them in Full City profile.

  • Chill Thirty
    A coffee product that offers roasted beans from Brazil. These possess flavors of Smoky Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Anise. The artisans roast them in French profile.

The Ideal Way To Store Roasted Coffee Beans

  • Use Clean, Airtight Container
    Keep the purchased coffee beans in the pack they come in, or choose a wooden jar. Ensure that the beans do not come into contact with outside air for as long as possible.

  • Keep In Cool, Dark Place
    Ensure that wherever you keep your beans does not experience sudden spikes or downs in temperature. The temperature around the beans should remain stable and the beans should not come in contact with any form of light.

  • Grind Within Two Weeks
    The best possible time to grind recently bought coffee beans is within 15 days. We recommend that you buy beans on a weekly basis to experience euphoria at its best.


To conclude, hope this blog helped you gain a wide perspective on coffee beans. Do not forget to visit the OKBF web store. In addition, if you wish to flaunt your appreciation for java, the website also has a merchandise store selling products such as Long Tee, Short Sleeve Tee, Cap, Hooded Sweat Shirt, and more.

Become an elite member of the Ok But First coffee club and meet like-minded people other than acquiring coffee beans online. In the end, specialty coffee is not just a drink, it's an emotion that everyone should feel!

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