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What Compliments Java Made From Premium Coffee Beans?

We live in a world where coffee beans have become quite necessary for human existence! Can you imagine the things that will start happening if the supply of these delights is halted forever?

Well, if you are a specialty coffee fanatic looking for the ideal partner for your beverage, this blog is for you. We sell beans, but why not applaud all the things that are involved in adding value to them? The grinding equipment, the blending components, and everything else.

We’ll begin with the type of grinders that result in the best java, and then move on to what compliment specialty coffee. The post will also provide a few tips on picking your daily joe!

5 Types Of Grinders For Arabica Coffee Beans

The are four types of coffee roasts, light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. The amount of caffeine is highest in the first and it decreases gradually as the temperature in the furnace increases. Why Arabica? Because it has the perfect balance between acidity, aroma, and taste.

Most specialty coffees are made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. They possess no primary defects and less than 5 secondary defects. Why am I stating all this? Well, if this is just for the ones who are new to the whole scene and haven’t been following our Coffee 101 page.

Coming to the topic in question, the quality of specialty coffee is dependent on both, the raw material (coffee beans) and the grinding technique equally. It’s important to understand the grinders if you wish to call yourself a true java buff! Here are the briefs on all types.

1) Manual Coffee Grinders

Affordable and you’ll save a few bucks on your electric bill as well. It allows one to easily adjust the grind size for any type of brew. It can be taken on travels and trips. These are comparatively quiet and perfect for people who wish to make the morning cup of joe in peace. The only con that I can come up with for this type of coffee grinder is that it requires a bit of effort.

2) Electric Grinders

Great for when you’re in a hurry and offer a range of grind settings. They are capable of grinding a large quantity in less time. Perfect for office settings or places where there are more than 5 java junkies. A durable electric grinder costs at least $100. It’s worth it if you love fresh brews every time you pick a cup. Do not think twice if you wish to enjoy a rich experience in comfort.

3) Blade Grinders

A subset of electric, and so are the next two. The blade version dominates the local markets. It has a long blade at the bottom of the chamber that rotates rapidly. Well, though anything that comes in contact with the swirling beast turns to nothing, it results in uneven grinds at times. Not ideal for extracting the flavors. These cost about $20-$30 and are the easiest to clean.

4) Burr Grinders

While the above-mentioned grinder is perfect for a beginner, this one is for all professionals. You can find them at cafes and in the homes of people who are true premium coffee beans lovers. It offers consistent grind, has a range of size settings, and involves a bit of heat to keep flavors intact. It depends on two burrs, spinning in opposite ways. Not found in most grocery shops.

5) Espresso Grinders

This grinder enables brewers to make fine grind size adjustments to produce the perfect drink. It offers additional settings such as a portafilter holder, timer, and dose control. This machine is for all the perfectionists seeking their ideal brew to start off or end their days.

Top 5 Ways To Make Java From Roasted Coffee Beans

Once you grind those beans, you can make your brew in several ways. Many just put it in hot water. Well, if you wish to have a rich experience, here are the ideal ways.

  • French Press
    An immersion brewing method where the java gets extracted within the water while the grinds are submerged. There’s a plunger that separates coffee from the grounds.

  • Drip
    A traditional coffee extraction method where hot water passes through the grounded beans, collecting all the essence and dripping down into the cup. It provides a pure blend.

  • Aeropress
    Rapid, total immersion brewing process where grounded coffee beans and water are steeped inside, then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger in a chamber.

  • Turkish
    The simplest method of all and explained in the second line at the start of this section. It involves a vessel, called cezve in which grounded coffee beans are heated in hot water.

  • Siphon
    A method that uses the laws of vacuum. It has been around since the 1800s. It looks beautiful and thus is seen in many cafes. Baristas love making their brews using this process.

5 Best Edibles That Compliment Specialty Coffees

Ever wondered what should you fill up on to have the ideal pairing for your favorite beverage? It may feel a bit overwhelming at times and thus, here are the things that go well with any brew!

  • Doughnut: Ideal to have with java made from lightly roasted coffee beans
  • Biscotti: Italian almond cookies that were created in the Tuscan city of Prato.
  • Crepes: A very thin type of pancake. It can be both sweet and sour. Choose wisely.
  • Tiramisu: An Italian dessert that also has coffee in it. Great to pair with flat whites!
  • Toast: Loaves of butter-toasted bread can never disappoint. Good pick for quick times.

3 Reasons To Choose Coffee Beans Over Grounded Coffee Sachets

We have talked about the facts on this matter in detail in one of our previous updates. Do not forget to the blog on the Coffee 101 page and check out a complete explanation.

1) Quality Of Outcome

The coffee sachets have coffee powder made from Robusta beans. These beans, though having significantly higher caffeine levels, do not offer that rich feel that Arabica coffee beans offer. If you are seeking java that not only satisfies your caffeine craving but also soothes your core, order whole beans. They pack the ideal balance that makes all the difference.

2) Diversity In Available Flavors

Mass-produced coffee sachets come in generic flavors. Companies always pick tastes that are most commonly picked up from shelves. Whereas, local roasters experiment with ingredients and keep coming up with unique tastes. Take the case of OKBF, you’ll find beans that include ingredients such as Brazil nuts, grapefruit, plum, dark chocolate, anise, hazelnut, and more.

3) Health Benefits

Finally, coffee that has been grounded starts losing its characteristics. The more time it takes to go off-shelf, the blander it tastes, as well as, the lesser its benefits. Coffee beans on the other hand hold in all the goodness for a longer period of time and offer far more effective medical advantages than the powered version. Do you know that specialty coffee can help counter certain types of cancer, lower the risk of type2 diabetes, and prevent symptoms of depression?


Hope you have all the information that you came in seeking. In case you have any more queries, do contact us and we’ll help you out. Moreover, do not forget to visit our web store.

The three flagship products, namely Mornin’ Kick, Midday Stroll, and Chill Thirty offer beans from Colombia, Central-South America, and Brazil respectively. In addition, you can become a member of our Coffee Club to enjoy these delights on a regular basis at a great discount.

Lastly, wish you good times and infinite engaging cafe-driven conversations.

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