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Buy Premium Coffee Beans Online | Roasting & Grinding Types

You may have heard many talks about Arabica coffee beans and have debates on where to buy coffee beans online. Subsequently, you may have also come across humans who only drink a cup of joe made from premium coffee beans. Are you the one who wonders why?

Well, we live in a world where coffee comes second to oil when compared on the scale of global commodity value. A feat that clearly states that it is the fuel that runs more than half of our current population. In addition, the demand for specialty coffee is on a phenomenal rise.

Moving forward, more & more people are switching from drinking instant coffee to premium coffee. The healthcare awareness boost because of the recent pandemic has played a major role in it. Everyone is cautious of what they intake to maintain the strength of their immunity.

Let us get hold of what premium coffee beans are all about, and the different types of roasts, as well as grinds, that make it worth consuming. Here we begin, one step at a time.

What Are Specialty Coffee Beans?

The word “specialty” refers to beans that not only get responsibly sourced but also roasted in small batches as per customer requirements. They make your cups of daily caffeine extraordinarily soothing and delightful. The berries are grown using natural methods on a hygienic farm. They are usually roasted with different kinds and flavors of special ingredients.

The most farmed and used coffee in this domain is Arabica. These makeup approximately 70% of the global demand for specialty coffee beans. Why?

For detailed insights: Arabica Coffee Beans: Everything You Should Know About It

Moving forwards, premium beans can help your body in many ways. It lowers the risk of type-2 diabetes, reduces the danger of certain cancers, helps maintain cardiovascular health, slashes obesity, curtails the possibilities of Parkinson's & Alzheimer's, and helps you live longer.

Responsibly sourced coffee beans go through different types of roasting processes before it reaches your doorstep. These methods bring out their flavors in various ways.

Different Types Of Premium Coffee Beans Roasting

First and foremost, there are basically four types of roasted coffee beans. The same bean is treated and heated in different ways to bring out various kinds of texture, aromas, and tastes.

#1 Light Roasted Coffee Beans

The roasting temperature for the light version is between 356-401°. It contains the highest amount of caffeine and retains origin flavors most prominently.

The surface has no oil and one light crack. Furthermore, it has maximum acidity and thus tastes best with buttery croissants, fruit pies, avocado toasts, and cookies.

#2 Medium Roasted Coffee Beans

The roasting temperature for the medium version is between 410-428°. It contains comparatively less caffeine than light roast and has a good balance of flavor, aroma, as well as, acidity. The surface has no oil and one visible crack. Furthermore, it has a thicker body than lighter roasts and tastes best with bacon, oatmeal, and quiche.

#3 Medium-Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

The roasting temperature for the medium-dark version is between 437-446°. It contains comparatively less caffeine than medium roast and retains flavors as well as aromas of the roasting process. The surface has some oil and two visible cracks. Furthermore, its acidity is lower than the two roasts mentioned above and tastes best with tiramisu.

#4 Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

The roasting temperature for the dark version is between 464-482°. It contains the least amount of caffeine and acidity of all coffee roasts. It retains the flavors of the roasting process most prominently. The surface is shiny with oil and has two deep cracks. Furthermore, it has a robust full body and is sweet. It goes best with chocolate cake.

How To Grind Premium Coffee Beans?

Grinding coffee correctly involves some skills. The size of the grind defines the flavor of your cup of daily joe, for better or for worse. Thus, grinding aptly is critical to brewing an ideal drink.

The Ultimate Coffee Beans Grind & Method Guide

Here’s a guide for all specialty coffee enthusiasts. It will help you craft the best brew every time.

French Press

It is an immersion method, where an individual drowns crushed 100% Arabica coffee beans in hot water for coffee extraction. He/she brews the blend for a certain amount of time and then plunges the filter downwards to separate grounds from the beverage.


It is an infusion method, very similar to the drip coffee method. The only difference is the thickness of the filters used. Chemex filters are about 20-30% thicker than those used by other pour-over methods. It is an elegant device, providing delightful cups of pure bliss!


The most famous way of making coffee. Here that individual places grounded coffee beans on a filter paper and hot water is passed through it through drips. The water seeps through the premium coffee beans, absorbing their oils, flavors, and essences.


It is a vacuum brewing method. This process originated in the 1800s; when experimentations around vacuum and vapor pressure were on the rise. There are two chambers involved, separated by a filtered tube.

One heats the water placed in the bottom chamber and its vapors start filling up the chamber above. Here the individual adds a specialty coffee of the consumer’s choice and leaves the kettle to cool down. The water, with coffee, settles back in the lower chamber, and this beverage is enjoyed with yum cookies.


This method produces smooth, delicious, full-flavored coffee with low acidity and no bitterness. An individual covers the base of Aeropress with a filter and pours grounded coffee beans, and hot water on it after placing it on a cup and then puts up the plunger.

This plunger is pressed down slowly until all the coffee pours down into the cup. It is espresso at first, but when you add water to it, the beverage turns into American coffee.


Lastly, the simplest way to make coffee is using 100% Arabica beans. An individual grounds the roasted coffee beans and boils them with hot water inside a special pot called Cezve. You can add extra ingredients like cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Where To Buy Premium Coffee Beans Online?

Now that you know all about the types of roasts and grinding methods, here’s the ideal web store to buy coffee beans online. We are of course talking about OkButFirst! It offers three packs.

Mornin’ Kick

Responsibly sourced from the mighty mountains of Columbia, these specialty coffee beans contain Brazil Nuts, Grapefruit, and Oak. It packs bold flavors, a soothing aroma, and a solid punch of energy. Precisely made for those dull Monday mornings.

Midday Stroll

Responsibly sourced from Central & South America, these roasted coffee beans contain Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, and Plum. It offers the right balance between vibrancy and harmony. Make a brew that inspires your next ‘aha’ moment and builds memories.

Chill Thirty

Responsibly sourced from the coffee farms of Brazil, these premium coffee beans contain Smoky Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Anise. It has a velvety, smooth flavor, leaving your taste buds wanting more. The cup of joe you need on a calm evening.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we hope that the blog gave you a comprehensive view of the different types of coffee beans and the ways in which they end up in your cup. Check out the OKBF website right away and become a member of an elite Coffee Club to enjoy benefits like discounts and free doorstep deliveries. Do not miss out on a paradisiacal experience and invite your close ones too!

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