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OK But First Coffee - Why Buy Roasted Coffee Beans Online

The exponential boom in the demand for Arabica coffee beans had stunned many. It doesn’t matter on which part of the planet you stay, people of all origins have started choosing beans over grounded caffeine. Why? What has brought on this dramatic shift?

Well, studies suggest that people have become more conscious about their immune system health after the wrath of the recent pandemic. This sudden awareness has led many to shift towards organic and premium edibles, rather than opting for cheap and mixed produces.

On the other hand, the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans has intoxicated millions, and the word of mouth is spreading like wildfire. There are thousands switching from grounded coffee to whole bean coffee every moment. The urge for quality cups of joe has escalated rapidly.

We are here to shed light on this phenomenon by answering the following questions in detail.

  • What Exactly Is Roasting?
  • How to Define Freshly Roasted Coffee Bean?
  • Why Fresh Roasted Coffee Matter?

We’ll also help you with:- 3 Tips For Having The Tastiest Coffee. Read on till the last period.

What Is Roasting? How Are Coffee Beans Roasted?

Roasting is the process of turning raw coffee beans into finished products for grounding and making coffee by transforming their chemical, as well as, physical properties through intense heating. It involves several steps and stages as per the requirement of roast type.

The procedure of roasting goes on through the following tools:

  • Drum
    A bit like a washing machine, the drum is the tool where raw responsibly sourced beans are put together for heating. It has paddles inside to ensure an even, cyclical, and rotational journey of beans through the entire roasting process.

  • Panel Controlled Flame
    The beans receive heat through flames kept right below the drum. An individual controls the intensity of this heat through a panel that had controls such as starting, changing, & switching. It helps coffee roasters maintain desired temperatures for an optimal outcome.

  • Cooling Tray
    A platform where the perfectly roasted Arabica coffee beans end up. It’s essential to cool down the beans after an intense roast to halt any further chemical reactions as quickly as possible. The operator starts the mixer set in this tray and a separate engine to blow in cool air. This ensures that coffee beans retain their quality and flavors.

  • Chimney
    Lastly, a cylindrical structure acts as wastage remover. It sucks off the dust, suspended particles from the raw material, and smoke generated in all stages of roasting.

Some facts to know about roasting Arabica Coffee Beans:

  • Quality coffee beans consist of about 1,000 chemical compounds, of which around 700 are responsible for their aroma alone. A slight change in the pool of substances can bring out completely different characteristics.

  • The longer the coffee is roasted, the more acidity decreases, bitterness increases, sweetness fluctuates, and body size evolves. It is overall a highly challenging process.

  • If you are a specialty coffee fanatic, you may know the importance of crack in a roasted bean. It defines a lot about how your cup of joe will turn out. To elaborate,
  1. A light roast is a bean heated until right after “First Crack” occurs.
  2. A medium roast is a bean heated until just the end of “First Crack”.
  3. A medium-dark roast is a bean heated until just after “Second Crack”.
  4. A dark roast is a bean heated until the end of “Second Crack”.

Defining Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

How would you know that the coffee beans you bought online are actually freshly roasted? What are the factors you should verify to confirm that the delivery is worth its value? Well, there are 4 defining points to keep in mind while you buy roasted coffee beans online. They are:

  • Glossy Appearance
    The roasting process involves all manners of flavorful oils and natural compounds.

    While completion and packing, many of these oils and compounds come to the surface of the beans, creating a pleasantly glossy appearance.

    This shine fades and the beans take on a duller shade as time passes. Thus, if the beans inside your pack look glistening, you’re most probably looking at fresh coffee.
  • Residue
    Take a bunch of beans in your hands and squeeze them. Or take a look at the inside layer of the package carefully. The freshly roasted coffee beans tend to leave some oil on hand or on the inside layer of the bag. Remember, the lightly roasted beans may not produce as much residue as the dark roast coffee. Judge accordingly!
  • Valve In The Bag
    Freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide anywhere from a few days to several weeks after packing. This degassing process requires an outlet as it could significantly detriment the value of your brew. Thus, check out whether your pack has a one-side valve, which allows CO2 to escape without impacting the potency of the beans.
  • Plastic Bag Test
    Finally, you can take a bunch of beans to put in a seal-packed plastic back with the least air inside and place it in the freezer. Leave it overnight. Check this bag in the morning, and if it is bloated, you’ve got freshly roasted coffee beans to brew your daily cup of joy.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans: Why Are They Important?

Have you ever had a coffee that tasted bland? If yes, then you understand the feeling! A cup of coffee made from beans that have lived off their shelf life is a complete downer. It not only ruins your mood but leaves an unpleasant aftertaste on your tongue for the entire day.

Oxidation dulls the flavors of coffee beans just like it does any other food. The basic rule of specialty coffee states that beans last for up to 4 weeks after opening their package.

The benefits of having a coffee cup brewed from fresh Arabica beans are:

  • Vibrant Flavors
    The beans when fresh provide the flavors they are meant to while brewing. These roasts make your coffee experience truly remarkable and leave a lasting impact.
  • Mind-blowing Aroma
    A beverage made from freshly roasted coffee beans tends to make you feel positive through its exceptional aroma. This java takes away all your tiredness within moments.
  • Numerous Health Benefits
    Premium coffee beans hold the most amount of healthy compounds. These help you strengthen your immune system, lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, support brain health, decrease the risk of depression, improve heart fitness, and boost energy levels.

Top 3 Tips To Follow For Buying Coffee Beans Online

To wrap our conversation on a good note, let us help you enjoy specialty coffee in the best way possible. First and foremost, check out our premium products at the OKBF web store and buy a pack right away. Each of these packages contains artisan-crafted 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from exclusive locations. Here are the brief descriptions to give an idea.

  • Mornin’ Kick
    Ingredients: Brazil Nut, Grape Fruit, and Oak | Origin: Colombia

  • Midday Stroll
    Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Hazelnut, and Plum | Origin: Central-South America

  • Chill Thirty
    Ingredients: Smoky Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Anise | Origin: Brazil

The three tips to savor them every day with amazing bliss are as follows:

- Ensure all the air is out of the bag when you're done taking out beans for your brew. As mentioned above, oxidation can make your beans go rancid rapidly.

- Measure your monthly caffeine needs using our coffee calculator before placing the order. This enables you to have fresh brew every time and save loads on cost.

- Finally, become a member of the elite coffee club and subscribe to your favorite coffee products at discounted rates. Moreover, relish free doorstep deliveries every month!


To conclude, we at OkButFirst coffee hope that this blog solved all your queries regarding roasted coffee beans and helped you understand their importance. In case you have any more doubts, go through our Coffee 101 page thoroughly or send in your question via email.

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