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OK But First Coffee - Buy Arabica Coffee Beans [Complete Guide]

A warm welcome to all Arabica coffee beans admirers. You are at the right place if you were searching for coffee beans in the US or wish to know more about the second most valuable commodity in the world. Let’s ride over the river of the world’s favorite beverage.

You must have come across many coffee jars showcasing the phrase “100% Arabica Beans” and “Single Origin Coffee”. Ever wondered why? Or did your curious mind pop a question about whether the coffee is what the package states or not? What makes Arabica different than Robusta? Why is the demand for Arabica beans on an exponential rise?

Questions, Questions, Questions! Calm down. We are here to solve all your queries in the simplest way possible and provide information that enables you to make better buying coffee decisions. The points that we’ll be going through in detail are:

  • Why Prefer Specialty Coffee Beans?
  • Terminologies Used To Describe Premium Coffee Beans
  • Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee Beans
  • Popular Arabica Coffee Beans Varieties
  • Where To Buy Arabica Coffee Beans In The US

The first and foremost query that arises in every mind who has not experienced specialty coffee is why. Why should I switch from branded ground coffee to a premium roasted bean-based cup of joe? Well, there are several reasons to do so, and we hope these correct your perspective.

Features That Make Specialty Coffee Beans A Premier Choice

Do you know that each year about 7 million tons of green beans are produced worldwide? Moreover, do you know that approximately 300 million cups of specialty coffee cups are consumed on a daily basis in the US? Here are features that make it a must-have commodity.

  • Diverse Flavor Options
    The branded instant coffee comes in limited flavors, mostly, chocolate, hazelnut, or vanilla. On the other hand, artisan-crafted roasted coffee beans are available in various flavors. One gets the choice to pick their type of roast (light, medium, medium-dark & dark), special ingredients, as well as, the quantity per delivery order.

  • Superior Quality
    The branded instant coffee may taste alright, but if you are a real coffee lover, roasted coffee beans are the way to go. They will take you on a whole new joy ride and bring your back on a calming note. These beans possess the best balance between flavor, aroma, and acidity. “A cup of joe made from specialty beans is far superior.” Period.

  • Crucial Health Advantages
    Coffee as we know is a great choice of beverage to maintain good health. There are several perks of drinking a cup of java every day, and these triple in value when you have coffee made from premium coffee beans.

    These farm-fresh beans can:

    - Reduce the risk of heart disease.
    - Reduce the risk of certain cancers.
    - Lower the likelihood of liver illnesses.
    - Lower the likelihood of type 2 diabetes.
    - Eliminate the symptoms of depression.

Specialty Coffee Beans - Terminologies

There are times when you come across words while surfing for coffee beans online that bounce off your mind. These simple yet unknown terminologies can help you make purchasing decisions more precisely. Thus, here are the briefs of important terms to make your life easier.

  • Single Origin
    The word means that every bean in the package comes from one location. If you are looking at a package marked single-origin with Brazilian beans in it, this states that the content does not contain any additives and all the beans are from a farm in Brazil.

  • Roasting Profiles [Light City, Half City & Full City]
    We know that there are basically 4 types of roasts when it comes to specialty coffee beans. The Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Light roast. Each has its own characteristics, and if you wish to dive deeper, check out the following blog.

    Coffee 101: 5 Tips To Buy Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Online

    These roasts get divided further into various profiles as per Speciality Coffee Association norms. The three most commonly featuring roasted coffee beans profiles are:

    - Light City
    Lightly roasted coffee beans with the highest amount of caffeine.

    - Half City
    Medium roasted coffee beans, heated just past the first crack, & blond in color.

    - Full City
    Roasted coffee beans, heated prior to reaching the second crack. Sweet in taste.
  • Responsibly-Sourced
    Lastly, this phrase ascertains that the coffee product is genuine and possesses beans from a farm that one trace. If you call up the company branding their beans as responsibly-sourced, and as for the farm location, they’ll happily state the address. It’s done to increase the trustworthiness of beans and showcase their quality level.

Major Differences Between Robusta And Arabica Coffee Beans

Our planet has about 125 different species of coffee, but the two most talked about and sold beans are Robusta & Arabica. The Robusta coffee beans are inferior to Arabica Coffee Beans in many ways. They get used as fillers and to make instant ground coffee products. We have stated 5 top differences between these two to help you make an informed selection.

  • Taste
    People buy Arabica Coffee Beans for their superior taste! A cup of jow made from Robusta may provide an instant burst of energy, but Arabica tends to provide a kick and soothe your soul with its exquisite taste at the same time. Robusta tastes like burnt tires, whereas Arabica has a delightful taste and pleasant aroma.

  • Caffeine Value & Sugar Content
    There is 2.7% caffeine in the Robusta bean, almost double the 1.5% in the Arabica bean. The Arabica bean has a better balance when compared to Robusta. It contains nearly 60% more lipids and almost twice as much sugar as Robusta.

  • Physical Traits
    Arabica coffee beans are significantly more good-looking than any other variety. They are typically lighter brown and oval-shaped, whereas the Robusta beans are more circular in shape and darker in color.

  • Growing Conditions
    The Arabica beans grow upwards of 600m on mountain tops and tropical environments. While the Robusta coffee grows anywhere from sea level to 600m ground level.

  • Cultivation Rate & Price
    The world in a sense produces 75% Arabic coffee and 25% Robusta coffee. When it comes to price, beans of Robusta are about half the price of Arabica beans presently.

The Most Popular Arabica Coffee Bean Varieties

  • Typica Coffee Beans
    It is one of the world’s most renowned Arabica coffee varieties. One can trace its origins to Ethiopia. Be it the Blue Mountain from Jamaica or Arábigo from Central America, Typica receives immense love. It scores highly on quality score & demands a high price.

  • Bourbon Coffee Beans
    Originally brought from Yemen to the island called La Réunion by French missionaries, the bourbon beans today grow in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, and other Central-Northern South American countries. There are two types of this variety, namely Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon. It has a buttery flavor & smooth consistency.

  • Caturra Coffee Beans
    A natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, the Caturra Coffee Beans have a sweet, complex, and crisp taste. They grow on comparatively smaller size plants and come in several varieties such as Costa Rica 95. Catiscia, Lempira, Catimor, and Castillo.

  • Gesha Coffee Beans
    A luxury-statement coffee, the Gesha has a unique taste and reputation attracting passionate coffee drinkers. It originated in Ethiopia, requires high-elevated grounds to grow, and consists of floral, as well as, fruity flavors. It currently costs up to $110/Cup.

Buy Coffee Beans Online In The US - OKButFirst

With all this information, the one question that remains is where you can buy the best coffee beans at great rates. Well, OKBF is a company one can trust to get premium quality beans.

1) Mornin’ Kick | 100% Arabica
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To wrap it up, we hope that you gained loads of knowledge on coffee beans through this blog and request you to visit our web store right away. Utilize the coffee calculator to measure your monthly requirements and become a member of our elite coffee club. The members relish benefits like 10% discounts on orders and free door-step delivery!

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