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Buy Specialty Coffee Beans: Top 5 Tips - OK But First Coffee

Hello, fellow coffee enthusiasts. Hope your life is as good as a fresh cup of java made from specialty coffee beans! Are you looking to buy these delights in the US? Do you wish to try new forms of our favorite beverage? Well, welcome to the page that’s going to enlighten your mind with tips that will help you for a lifetime. Read on till the last period to become a certified coffee concierge. Do we have this designation in our world? I don’t know, if not, we definitely should.

So, you were surfing for “Coffee Beans Online” and clicked this link thinking that the 5 tips may help you make informed decisions. Ok, I’ll state them to respect the topic, but with two great cups of coffee down, I’m also in the mood to get into the enigma of these beans!

Why did specialty coffee beans start gaining so much attention in recent years? What happens to the cherries from the time they are plucked to becoming roasted beans?

In case you are looking to buy responsibly sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans, visit the OkButFirst Coffee web store now. They offer three artisan-crafted coffee products to make your specialty coffee time worth remembering. Here we begin the exploration of coffee beans.

Rising Popularity Of Specialty Coffee Beans

Yes, grounded coffee is the one most people use to make their everyday cup of joe, but the usage of whole coffee beans has observed a significant rise in the last decade. Its demand has grown at an unprecedented rate as more and more people continue to switch their preferences.

As per Statista, one in five U.S. coffee consumers purchased whole bean coffee in 2022 with the intention of grinding it themselves. Moreover, revenue in the Roast Coffee segment amounted to US$340 billion. Whooping figure! Ain’t it? Haha, the two cups are kicking in.

There are many reasons that are behind this rocket-like rise. First, taste. Specialty coffee cups taste way better than grounded coffee cups and people have started recognizing it.

Second, health. Coffee beans hold the benefits of these natural berries for a longer period of time than grounded coffee powder, and people have become more concerned about their immune systems due to the recent pandemic. Third, quality. Arabica coffee beans are superior as they have an ideal balance between the amount of caffeine and lipid content. Whereas, grounded coffee, which mostly constitutes powdered Robusta beans, is out of equilibrium!

The Path From Cherries To Roasted Coffee Beans

Ever wondered about the story behind your daily coffee cup? A true specialty coffee enthusiast should know the stages his beans have gone through and relish its history. I have tried my best to put it all in six steps and explained them in brief. Glance through them and then we’ll talk about the grinds you could implement with ease to savor your favorite beverage.

  • Coffee Beans | SEED
    The Arabica coffee bean is a little bit longer and oval-shaped; whereas Robusta is smaller and rounder. We’ll be concentrating on the former. It grows at high altitudes with mineral-rich soil, needs the utmost care, and is usually green in color.

  • Coffee Beans | TREE
    The coffee plants usually begin their journey as seedlings in specific conditions. They remain in a nursery for up to 15 months. The farmers then move them to permanent settings where they commence their 7 year-long journeys to fruition. Yes, you read it right. The Arabica coffee plants take more than half a decade to sprout optimal cherries.

  • Coffee Beans | CHERRY
    Coffee cherries are complex fruits made up of a variety of parts. They start out green and turn bright red, orange, or yellow depending on the variety. What do they taste like? If bitter is the word that popped into your mind, you are wrong. These cherries taste sweet. Some of them taste like mangoes, others like berries, and a few like herbs.

  • Coffee Beans | HARVEST
    There are two ways to harvest coffee beans. The first is “Select Picking”, where the farmers choose the berries using their hands and only pluck the ones that are ideal for processing. This method provides superior quality beans.

    The second is “Stripping”, where the farmers use machines to strip the plant of berries. It focuses on speed/low-cost rather than quality; resulting in sub-par cups of coffee.

  • Coffee Beans | PROCESS
    There are three ways to process coffee cherries. The first is “Washed”, where the workers separate the fruit from the bean as cleanly as possible utilizing water as a cleaning agent. It is a great way to appreciate the true essence of single-origin coffee.

    The second is “Dry/Natural”, where the workers leave the fruit to fry in sun before separation. It creates an inconsistency in the flavor and is thus considered a low-quality process. This method is cost-effective though and can give out very interesting notes of flavors and aromas in aromas, as they absorb the fruity qualities of the cherry.

  • Coffee Beans | ROASTS
    The market sells 4 types of roasted coffee beans. The first is “Light-Roasted”, which has maximum caffeine. Its roasting temperature is 356°-401°.

    The second is “Medium-Roasted”, which has balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity. Its roasting temperature is 410°-428°. The third is “Dark-Medium Roasted”, which has a richer, fuller flavor, and retains flavors, as well as, aromas of the roasting process prominently. Its roasting temperature is 437°-446°. The last one is “Dark-Roasted”, which has the least amount of caffeine and acidity. Its roasting temperature is 464°-482°.

5 Tips To Buy Coffee Beans Online - Specialty Coffee

In the end, we wrap up with the content that you came seeking. These tips to buy whole coffee beans online will help you enjoy this paradisical beverage with an everlasting smile!

#1 Ensure that the company you opt for your coffee beans delivery offers the product in a package that has a one-way air valve. This maintains the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans for a longer time as it allows them to go through degassing effectively.

#2 Ensure that the coffee beans you buy online have a roasting date mentioned on the packet. It will help you get a clear idea of what you are buying and whether it is worth the cost or not. Check the beans when they arrive by pressing them in your hands. If they leave a trace of oil, they are fresh. Lightly roasted beans, may not leave a trace.

#3 Ensure that you have the right tool to enjoy the coffee beans you are ordering. You do not want to have a package delivered to your home & then look for an appropriate tool. Keep it all set before buying the pack and enjoy the fresh beans as soon as they arrive!

#4 Ensure that you compare prices, but do not forget to verify the brand’s online presence on various platforms. A company that invests in maintaining a certain face value is more likely to have the best products. Do not pick a coffee product just on the basis of price.

#5 Ensure that you have complete knowledge of the product you are ordering. Moreover, calculate the number of coffee bean packages you need before placing the order. It helps save time, and also guarantees that the coffee tastes just as you like it.

I recommend you to check the Coffee 101 section to understand more about coffee beans and also go through the Coffee Club section of the OkButFirst Coffee website. The latter has a coffee calculator that you can use to measure your needs and order accordingly.


Hope you have all it takes to become a coffee concierge. If you advance on with more details on roasted coffee beans, read all the blogs. Note, the more your know, the better your coffee tastes! A yawn is a silent scream for coffee. Check out the OKBF products, namely Mornin’ Kick, Midday Stroll, and Chill Thirty, to grant yourself a positive, as well as, delicious energy jumpstart.

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