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What do you think about when you first hear the words “Specialty Coffee”? Most people think of a cup of joe in their hand and someone to share it with. The scenes may differ, but this exclusive java always comes up in the imagination with good memories. Humans associate coffee with emotions. Feeling blue, have a coffee! Feeling happy, have a coffee!

We are here to talk about 100% Arabica coffee beans and what they represent in today’s era. It has been around for centuries but has recently made a buzz in the market like never before.

All trends point to the populace starting to appreciate the beauty of quality. We all have been through some tough times in the last 5 years, be it economically or health-wise. It has made the human mind more aware of what’s right for the body and peace. The coffee market is evolving.

People are switching from instant sachets to whole bean packs. There’s a significant increase in the variety of flavors. High-end brands have started selling coffee beans because the grounded coffee business ain’t cutting it. The local coffee farms have started receiving great offers from local roasters to exclusively work with them. New coffee roasting companies have opened shops worldwide. Online connectivity has helped several entrepreneurs get big in a short time.

Beware, not all coffee roasters sell premium beans. Some use Robusta beans as filler to increase profit margins. These products may look like specialty coffee beans but are far inferior.

“Coffee can become a curse for the day if it doesn’t have the ideal balance of caffeine, flavor, and aroma”

How to check? What are the characteristics of responsibly sourced coffee beans? Why get into a coffee club? There are many questions that arise in a novice's mind. For people who know it all and want to buy coffee beans online in the US, head over to the Ok But First web store now.

It is a budding roasted coffee beans company from Parlin, NJ, famous for delivering premium coffee products at remarkably sharp rates. Read on to know more about it as the answers to the above questions will include briefs about OKBF. One can also visit the Coffee 101 section on the website to comprehend it all in one go. Moreover, do not forget to read the About Us segment!

What Are 100% Arabica Coffee Beans? How To Check Their Authenticity?

The best way to define Arabica coffee beans is by comparing them to Robusta beans. Both of them come from different origins and have given birth to a variety of versions. One can call these beans the parents of the whole caffeine world. The first ones to grow on the planet.

Arabica coffee beans originated in Ethiopia, traveled to Yemen, and then sailed off around the globe. Whereas Robusta coffee beans, an inferior breed, originated in Belgian Congo. The former makes up for about 75% of the world’s caffeine demand, whereas the latter for the rest.

Arabica coffee beans come from a plant named Coffea Arabica and the Robusta comes from a plant named Coffea Canephora. The former has an ideal balance between caffeine, aroma, and flavor, while the latter has high amounts of caffeine and acidity. A cup of joe made from Arabica tastes sublime, whereas the same made from Robusta tastes rubbery and unpleasant at times.

Arabica coffee beans hold roasting flavors prominently, but the Robusta is unable to and thus grounded with flavored substances. The former is available in form of whole beans whereas the latter is in powdered form. There’s no specific way to check the freshness of Robusta.

On the other hand, here are some of the ways to verify the freshness of Arabica.

  • The First Hand-Crunch
    As soon as the pack of your little delight arrives, take a few in hand and crunch them. The freshly roasted beans will leave a residue of oil in your hand and also a bit of lovely aroma. This may not happen with lightly roasted beans. Skip to the last test for it.

  • The Shine
    Fresh coffee beans possess a distinct shine. If the beans are not fresh, they’ll have uneven shine and some of the beans may appear completely dry. The packs of 100% Arabica coffee beans offered by OKBF have a truly divine surface and rich body.

  • The Ziplock Method
    Lastly, the method that works for all types of coffee beans. Take a plastic bag with a ziplock. Take a few beans from your ordered pack and put them in this bag. Zip the bag, and ensure that it contains the least amount of air. Leave it on the counter for a day.

    If it bloats, the coffee beans are fresh, as they are degassing, a characteristic of freshly roasted beans. It is why the roasted beans are packed in a bag with a one-way air valve.

What Are The Characteristics Of Specialty Coffee Beans? Why Choose The OKBF Coffee Club Subscription?

The real question is “What makes specialty coffee special?”. The coffee beans that result in these beverages come from exclusive farms and undergo an artisan-crafted process. There are four types of roasting methods, namely Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark.

Any coffee that scores 80 or above on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale. It needs the joe to have 0 primary defects and less than 5 secondary defects. The 100% Arabica coffee beans responsible for this heavenly beverage grow with extra care. Moreover, the coffee farmers handpick the berries, instead of using machines to make sure that they collect the best.

  • Flavor
    The premium coffee beans used to make specialty coffee have numerous ingredients that make it stand apart from the rest. For example, the Mornin’ Kick pack by OKBF has Brazil nuts, grapefruit, and oak. Similarly, the Midday Stroll pack has brown sugar, hazelnut, and plum. The Chill Thirty pack has smoky raspberry, dark chocolate, and anise. These flavors stimulate experiences that last in the memory for a lifetime!

  • Balance
    The beans that make specialty coffee have an ideal balance of characteristics such as aroma, acidity, caffeine content, and flavor. The rich body holds up well under roasting and bloom appropriating while brewing. One can make several types of javas with these delights like Chemex, Espresso, French, Turkish, Siphon, Drip, and more.

  • Health
    Coffee is a healthy product when consumed in limited amounts. This phenomenon gets better with specialty coffee beans. They contain several healthy nutrients, also ones that are missing in powdered versions. These not only help an individual stay vibrant, but also curtail the risks of certain cancers, type-2 diabetes, dementia, and more.

The OKBF coffee club subscription is the best pick in America as it offers great discounts, free delivery, and fresh batches right on schedule. You won’t ever have to worry about your caffeine cravings. Utilize the coffee calculator on the website, pick a pack, and relish true nirvana.

The coffee company also offers awesome merchandise to collect and flaunt at your next coffee club meet. This community engages in intriguing discussions, giving you the chance to make like-minded friends. The insights enable you to understand the java world in detail and make informed decisions. After all, what’s better than having pals to talk to about your coffee quests!

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