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OK But First Coffee: Specialty Gourmet Coffee For Java Enthusiasts

Coffee as a product is one of most in-demand worldwide. It contains the power of keeping you upbeat through difficult working hours and provides many health benefits. Coffee beans in general have gained massive popularity in recent times. More and more people are switching from instant coffee sachets to packs of whole beans. Specialty coffee is the word of this decade.

Many companies have popped up around the globe to enter this lucrative market. Several high-end coffee brands have started selling Arabica coffee bean packages. Everyone is trying to catch the trend and ride this wave to eternity. We are seeing companies come up with new flavors and types of Arabica coffee beans to woo the consumers towards their products.

In case you wish to buy coffee beans online now, visit the Ok But First Coffee web store. It presents 3 premium coffee products from Columbia, Brazil, and Central-South America. They contain special ingredients and have gone through artisan-crafted roasting processes.

Moving forward, the blog will help you understand the different types of ways one can implement to make specialty coffee. It will also help you understand roasted coffee beans in detail, the plant, the anatomy, and the taste. It will end with information about an elite coffee club subscription plan. We’ll begin with basics and then move ahead with intricate explanations.

5 Ways To Make Specialty Coffee Using 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

#1 French Press

It has been around for over 100 years. The French Press has a carafe (Braker) and a plunger assembly. It is one of the most affordable processes to make specialty coffee at home. We recommend you use darker roasted coffee beans for this method. The Chill Thirty pack from the OKBF web store is an ideal pick to relish French Press coffee.

Coarsely ground 15 grams of roasted coffee beans. Boil the water at 200°F. Preheat the whole device with hot water for 30 seconds. Add the ground beans to the carafe, shake it gently, and then pour over hot water in a circular motion till half point.

Let it sit for 30 seconds. Give it a gentle stir and then fill up the carafe to the top. Add the lid and plunger. Do not push it all the way just yet. Remember, the ideal coffee-to-water ratio for French Press is 1:15. Wait for four minutes and press the plunger all the way down. Recant the coffee in your favorite cup and relish the majestic joe!

#2 Chemex

Grind your preferred whole bean coffee to medium coarse ground. Take a Chemex filter, fold it into a three-layered cone, and place it on top of the brewer. Ensure that it covers the pouring spout. Put one tablespoon of grounded coffee beans for every 5-ounce cup into the filter cone. You can add more if you like your java strong. The Mornin’ Kick by OKBF is an ideal coffee bean product to relish using the Chemex method.

Boil the water and pour some on the beans. Let them rest and bloom for 30 seconds. Now, slowly pour the brewing water over the grounds. Ensure that the beans receive the same amount of water overall. You can use a circular or back-and-forth motion. Remove the filter slowly after brewing the right amount of coffee. Pour the soothing Chemex coffee into a cup and enjoy its aroma for a while before taking the first sip!

#3 Drip/Machine-Drip

There are two ways to make drip coffee, one through a machine, and the other a simple pour-over. It is a very easy way to brew an exceptional cup of delight. Ground premium coffee beans and keep 1.5 tablespoons of it aside. Take clean hot water and fill it in the machine. Place the filter paper, and place the grounded beans in it.

Switch on the machine. Let the coffee start dripping in the kettle. Keep it stable by ensuring optimum temperature. Ensure that all the coffee beans are blooming appropriately. Get the kettle off and pour your java into the cup. Enjoy the machine drip coffee with cake and a book. After all, coffee opens up your mind to new ideas!

#4 Siphon

The process includes top and bottom chambers, a filter, and a heat source. It uses the principles of vacuum. It may feel a bit overwhelming at the beginning but is a pretty simple method if you get used to it. It offers blissful cups of pure specialty coffee!

The process begins with you attaching the filter. There’s a chain that you need pull-down to attach its clip at the bottom of the filter funnel. Add preheated water to the bottom chamber. Remember to not mess up the coffee-water ratio. Grind 100% Arabica coffee beans and place them in the top chamber. Attach both chambers and switch on the heat.

The heated water will get collected into the top chamber and brew the coffee. You can stir it to ensure that all the granules are blooming aptly. Turn off the heat source once there’s no more water in the bottom chamber. It will take some time to cool down and due to the vacuum, start sucking pure specialty coffee inside, through the filter from the top chamber. The drawdown may take up to 1-3 minutes. Serve it hot and with a smile!

#5 Aeropress/Espresso

A method for all the strong coffee lovers! The Midday Stroll pack at the Ok But First Coffee is perfect to relish an espresso. It includes special ingredients such as brown sugar, hazelnut, and plum. This process includes an injection-like machine.

Take premium roasted coffee beans, and ground them appropriately, ensuring that the bits are even. Wash the Aeropress machines with hot water before use, and place a filter in its cap. Place the injector at the bottom, attach the cylinder on top and fill it with the beans. Pour in some hot water and let the beans bloom for 30 seconds.

Fill ¼th of the cylinder with hot water and cap it. Take a kettle and place it beside the machine. Flip the whole assembly on top of your kettle in one motion and start pressing the injector. The specialty coffee will start dripping through the cap holes a few drops at a time. Keep applying the force until all that’s left in the cylinder is shrunken grounds. The beverage has the highest caffeine of all coffee types as it uses the least amount of water.

What Makes Specialty Coffee Worth Including In Your Routine?

Well, there are several factors that make Arabica coffee beans better than grounded coffee. The best way to put it all, in brief, is through points. Here are the top 5 reasons that make specialty coffee the best choice for your routine energy driver. Do not miss out on paradisiacal pleasure!

  • Specialty coffee is healthier. It contains several useful nutrients that are missing in grounded coffee. It helps reduce the risks of certain cancers, control weight, and avoid diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, and Dementia. It is ideal to counter stress!

  • Specialty coffee comes in a variety of flavors, unlike grounded, that only come in certain mass-produced flavors. The different tones and aromas keep your mind engaged in a variety of zones. When blue, have a hazelnut coffee, when happy, try dark chocolate.

  • Specialty coffee is far better tasting than grounded coffee. It is fresher and supreme in quality. The grounded coffee may start tasting bland after a while but the specialty coffee beans stay sublime in their exclusive package and provide eternal contentment.


To wrap it up, hope the blog helped you get all the information on specialty coffee. If you wish to buy coffee beans online, do check out the Ok But First Coffee web store. They also offer an elite subscription plan that helps you attain the best coffee beans at a significant discount. The website also has a merch section for avid java enthusiasts who love to collect their experiences.

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