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Do you think the cup of joe you have daily makes or breaks your daily routine? Are you in love with specialty coffee and wish to know all about it? Well, I have had my java, and here’s a piece that will give you a comprehensive perspective on specialty coffee beans, as well as, drinks made using them. Dive in to unravel the secrets of this divine beverage one step at a time!

Specialty coffee incorporates any java that scores 80 or above on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale. There are several research facilities that grade coffee but the SCA ratings are the ones that receive massive approval worldwide. The checklist consists of many factors.

The cup needs to have no primary defects and less than five secondary defects. The characteristics of this beverage need to be well balanced and provide an experience that oozes positive vibes, as well as, an apt amount of energy. The market for coffee beans is full of competition. Every whole bean company is trying its best to stand apart but a few succeed.

The latter part of the blog will help you understand why Ok But First Coffee is the one you should pick to buy coffee beans online in the US. What makes them a prime choice in all the chaos happening around this domain? Here we begin with the Q&A, hope these help you make informed decisions. Read on till the period to make your java time blissful and vibrant.

Is It Bad To Drink Specialty Coffee Every Day?

When you maintain a certain limit on intake, specialty coffee provides loads of health benefits instead of harm. So no, drinking this heavenly beverage every day is not bad. To state it in numbers, 400mg of caffeine per day can help the human body burn fat, improve its nervous system, hoard helpful antioxidants, prevent liver diseases, counter symptoms of certain cancers, lower the risk of type2 diabetes, curtail the dangers of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Dementia.

As per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA, healthy adults can intake 4-5 regular cups of coffee a day. In case you also intake other caffeinated beverages, keep a count of caffeine. An 8-ounce cup of specialty coffee contains about 85 to 110 milligrams of caffeine. The lighter roasts hold the highest amount of it whereas the dark roasts contain the least.

To keep in mind, a large cup of premium java may hold about 350mg of caffeine. Some of the negative effects of having too much of it in a day are Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep Disturbance.

How To Brew Specialty Coffee Without A Coffee Maker?

No worries! There are many ways to enjoy your favorite beverage without a coffee maker. The best way is to relish it Turkish style or use the Chemex/Drip method. Take a few beans out of the pack, grind them, and put them into a Cezve. One can also use a copper utensil. Add water, let the coffee brew, pour in your additive (milk/citrus), and take the sips of happiness.

The other way is to buy Chemex or normal coffee filters and a kettle. Take the beans out of the pack, grind them, and place them into the filter that you put on top of the kettle in a funnel style. Pour hot water on the beans, through the filter. Ensure that the rate of drop is slow and allows the beans to bloom. This is the most popular method used by java enthusiasts across the world.

What Is the Best Water Temperature For Specialty Coffee?

Well, you may think that this is not something that affects your cup of joe much, but on the contrary, water temperature is one of the crucial factors while brewing premium coffee beans.

These little delights contain a whole world of tones in them and if the grind does not go through an apt procedure, most of them disappear. To make the perfect java, experts suggest everyone use 175 °F (80 °C) water for dark roasts and 185 °F (85 °C) for medium roasts. These temperatures provide ideal results and make your brew taste heavenly. Note that the mentioned numbers are for Aeropress. The optimal temperature for other methods is between 195-205 °F.

What Are The Best Ways To Grind Coffee Beans For Flavor?

We all understand that there are many methods to make specialty coffee, but do you know the type of grind that is ideal for each one? The minor fluctuations in grind size have the power to make or break the taste of your beverage. These premium cups of joe are all about intricacies.

Grind the coffee beans extra fine for Turking coffee. They should look similar to powdered sugar. The size in millimeters is 0.10.

In the case of Espresso, the premium coffee beans need to be 0.30mm. The grind should look similar to table salt for ideal-tasting coffee cups.

The Aeropress and Bottom Drip Coffee grinds should involve 0.50-0.60mm coffee grinds. It should look like beach sand or peat moss.

Chemex coffee or filter coffee must be made using grinds ranging from 0.75-1mm. The same is true for French Press specialty coffee cups.

Lastly, if you love cold brew, use coffee grinds that are about 1.5mm in size. They should look similar to ground peppercorns to provide the perfect taste of the blend.

Why Are Specialty Coffee Beans Priced A Little High?

Quality. There’s no other word that could define the cost of roasted coffee beans in the global markets. Grounded coffee or instant coffee cannot provide cups of joe that taste as good as ones made from coffee beans. Moreover, the health benefits provided by specialty coffee are far more effective than the ones by ground coffee. It's all about cup quality. All about the end result.

Which Countries Have the Best Gourmet Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans grow in high altitudes between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. It is the region where most of the specialty coffee originates. These regions possess ideal climates as well as soil conditions for coffee farms to flourish and yield high-value coffee beans.

  • Colombia
    It is responsible for producing 15% of the world’s coffee supply. The region is very close to the equator and thus has two harvests a year. The Mornin’ Kick pack of freshly roasted coffee beans listed in the OKBF web store comes from this incredible area.

  • Brazil
    The first coffee plantations started in the 18th century and today Brazil yields about 50 million bags of premium coffee beans a year. These incorporate intense sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate notes. The Chill Thirty pack of OKBF contains Brazillian coffee beans. It is ideal for evening get-togethers with friends or family!

  • Central & South America
    There are many regions in the Central & South America belt that produce specialty-grade coffee beans. They have the right amount of rain and heat for yielding quality Arabica coffee beans. The Midday Stroll packs OKBF contains beans from this region.

  • Panama
    The entire region has several Arabica coffee farms and a few Robusta coffee beans plantations. Its mountain highlands grant the perfect conditions for Arabica. It is also a good region for people who are into coffee tourism and wish to explore the process.

  • Ethiopia
    The birthplace of coffee beans! Ethiopia is where it all started and thus holds a crucial role in the market. It’s the fifth-largest coffee producer, responsible for about 5% of the world’s coffee each year. Java is an integral part of Ethiopian culture.

Where To Buy Coffee Beans Online In The US?

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Moreover, the website also offers a range of merchandise products to flaunt your love for java! It is the one-stop shop for all to buy coffee beans online in the US at remarkably sharp rates.


To wrap it up, I hope the blog resolves some of your queries related to specialty coffee and roasted coffee beans. Follow this space for more intriguing content and do not forget to visit the store. Try coffee that not only amplifies your energy levels but soothes your soul as well.

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